Why The Flag Of Nepal Is Not Quadrilateral???

One of the very interesting and fascinating facts about Nepal is that this is the only country in this modern world having a non-quadrilateral shaped flag as its National Flag.

And due to this, many have always wondered why it is so. Why the shape of the flag of Nepal isn’t rectangular or quadrilateral like many of the countries in the world?

Well, the answer is as interesting and fascinating as the fact that Nepal is the only country having a non-quadrilateral flag in the world?

Where the shape of the flag of almost every country in the world is the same i.e. quadrilateral, the shape of the flag of Nepal is totally different from the rest of the world. It’s the only non-quadrilateral flag in the world. And there is a very reasonable reason behind this.

History Of Flag Of Nepal

Let us first tell you something about the history of this flag of Nepal and how this flag came into existence and who introduced this flag for the first time in Nepal?

All these questions gonna be answered in this section of the article. 

This flag was introduced during the time of King Prithvi Narayan Shah. When he united all the small principalities of the Kingdom Of Nepal into a single Kingdom, that a single flag was adopted and introduced to represent a single nation.

Don’t get confused the flag that we are now talking about wasn’t this flag. That was another flag but that was the first time when a flag that represents that whole country was introduced. 

As we all know, Nepal has never been colonized by any other country. Especially when most countries of South Asia like India were colonized by the British, Nepal was the only country that had remained uncolonized by them. 

So in 1923 when the treaty signed between the British India and Nepal to keep Nepal an independent country was signed, after its few years in 1928 a national flag was adopted that was made up of two red triangular pennons joined together with a blue border.

The upper pennon had a white crescent moon with a face and the lower pennon had a sun with a face. Still, this flag wasn’t official. 

Later on 16 December 1962, when a new constitutional government was formed, at that time this non-quadrilateral flag was adopted as the official National Flag Of Nepal with some modifications. 

What Does The Flag Of Nepal Symbolize And What Is Its Meaning?

I think many of you know that the national flag of any country represents that country and says about that particular country so much from its shape and symbols only. 

For example, in the flag of the United States Of America, there are 50 stars on it that represent the 50 states of the United States. In the same way, the structure of the flag of every country has something unique that is related to them.

So the same thing applies to Nepal too. The flag of Nepal also represents many things that are related to Nepal. The shape of the flag of Nepal is a perfect combination of two triangular pennons. Pennon is a flag that is larger at its hoist than its fly. 

When this shaped flag was first introduced in 1928, the flag used to symbolize and represent other things. Earlier, the two pennons of the flag represented the two rival branches of the Rana dynasty that ruled the country at that time. The moon in the upper pennon represented the Royal Family and the Sun in the lower pennon symbolize the branch of the Rana family, a member of which used to be Prime Ministers until 1961. 

But after 1962, when the flag was officially adopted, the meaning and the concept of the flag were also changed and since then, the same concept of the flag is in the existence. And they have different meanings now. These two triangular pennons symbolize the Himalayas and the Mountains for which Nepal is widely popular. 

The primary color Crimson that is also a national color of Nepal in the flag represents the brave spirit of Nepalese and it also represents the national flower of the country Rhododendron. Whereas the blue color that is on the border of the flag represents Nepal always stands for peace, harmony, and love. 

Apart from this, the Moon also symbolizes that Nepalese are very calm whereas the Sun symbolizes the fierceness of the Nepalese. And there is another very interesting and fascinating fact about the shape of the flag of Nepal. And the most important part of the Nepalese flag is its Sun and Crescent Moon that is in the center of each pennon. The Sun and the Moon represent that Nepal will be in the existence in this world until these two celestial bodies Sun and the Moon are in the sky. 

It is said that this shape of the flag of Nepal the Pagoda Style that has been originated from Nepal by the great Nepalese architecture Arniko. If you place the flag of Nepal in front of a mirror at its hoist side, it will form a perfect Pagoda-style structure. 

The flag of Nepal in itself represents the whole country and says many things without even having any particular word written on it.

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