Top 10 Bloggers In Nepal [2022]

Blogging has become very popular over the years in Nepal also with the increase in the popularity of the internet and digital world. So there are now many bloggers in Nepal working in different niches and micro-niches.

Many are in the blogging field either because of their passion or because blogging is one of the best and relevant ways to make money online.

Many people in the world as well as in Nepal have made blogging a full-time profession. And since Nepal has entered the digital era, the number of bloggers has increased very rapidly.

There are many bloggers who have started blogging for a long time even when there was no much of the internet in Nepal. But most of such bloggers aren’t quite active every day.

List Of Top 10 Best Bloggers In Nepal

We have made a list of the top 10 bloggers in Nepal who are most active and whose blog websites are quite popular in Nepal and outside Nepal. This is our personal pick of the top 10 bloggers in Nepal.

So some of you may be agreed with our list while some may not. This list doesn’t include the names of a particular blog category like Food Blog or Travel Blog only. We have made this list by picking the names from all the blog categories in Nepal.

Most importantly we haven’t made this list on the basis of parameters used by ranking tools like Alexa.

1. LexLimbu

The most popular Nepali blogger is undoubtedly Lex Limbu. Lex Limbu is a Nepali blogger living in the U.K. He is the one who has inspired many Nepalese to take interest in blogging. Lex has been in the blogging field since 2008 when he started in 2008. Lex’s blog mostly focuses on Nepal’s fashion and entertainment issues, travels, music, food, etc. Apart from this, his blogs also show supports to the LGBT community by writing different articles and stories related to them.

2. My Sansar

My Sansar(Mero Sansar) is the second most popular Nepali blog on the internet. It is the first blog to be started in the Nepali language, and this became one of the reasons for the growing popularity of My Sansar. After vising My Sansar, it seems like it’s a new site because of the content that you will see there. This blog publishes different national articles and news on different trending topics with their own viewpoints along with many fictional short stories related to Nepal.

3. Tech Lekh

TechLekh is a fast-growing and leading online Tech news and information portal in Nepal. It is also the leading technology blog website in Nepal. TechLekh was established by two tech enthusiasts Abhishek Gupta and Subigya Kumar Nepal in the year 2015. With their hard works and interest in Technology, TechLekh has become the leading tech blog in Nepal in a very short period of time.

4. Suman Gaudel

Suman Gaudel is a personal technology blog that mainly focuses on writing How To guide articles related to the internet and technology. The author and the owner of this website are Jagannath Gaudel, better known as Suman Gaudel. He is a blogger, contributor, and entrepreneur. You can find articles and blogs on helpful topics like WordPress, Google, YouTube, Social Media, Gadgets, Devices, Software, Apps, etc.

5. Neostuff

Neo Stuff is a personal blog that is a widely visited blog in Nepal and it keeps updating about the latest stories, news, and all events happening in Nepal. It is one of the oldest and popular blogs in Nepal. On this blog, you will get to see different national and international articles and stories related to music, movies, entertainment, lifestyle, politics, technical, etc. The author and the owner of this blog website Neo Stuff are Neeraj Pun, also known as Neo.

6. Ashesh’s Blog

Ashesh’s Blog is a blog website that is mostly about web applications like Nepali Calendar, Nepali Unicode, Date Converter, Unicode to Preeti Converter, Preeti to Unicode Converter, Exchange Rates, Gold & Silver prices, etc. Besides these, this website also focuses on writing different How To articles related to technology and blogs on topics like Nepali festivals, foods, automobiles, etc related to Nepal. This is also one of the oldest and still popular blogs in Nepal.

7. Nepali Blogger

Nepali Blogger is one of the first blogging communities in Nepal. The founding idea behind Nepali Blogger is to unite bloggers of Nepal and develop blogging as an alternative media in the country. The founder of this blog website is Pradeep Singh who is a blog and an entrepreneur. He started this blog on Baishakh 1, 2067 (April 2010). Here on this website, you can find several blogs and stories on Nepal.

8. xNepali

xNepali is an entertainment blog that highly focuses on Nepali films and Nepali artists, and news and updates about them and their films. You can also get every Nepali film that is available online on this blog at a single location. The founder and the author of this blog are Anand Nepal. If you want to say updated with Nepali Film Industry, then this blog is the best source for you.

9. The Gundruk Post

The Gundruk Post has always been one of the most popular Nepali blogs on the internet since it started. It is a Nepali blog that focuses on social media, business, tech, entertainment, travel, politics, education, and many different things that are directly or indirectly related to Nepal. So on this blog, you will see different articles and stories related to these above-mentioned topics. One of the main reasons behind its popularity from its initial days is also the name of this blog website which is Gundruk. Gundruk is a fermented leafy green vegetable and is one of the popular foods of Nepal.

Nepali Trends is the fast-growing blog in Nepal that focuses on almost every topic related to Nepal. From writing articles and stories on entertainment, tech, food, travel, business, social media, digital marketing, tradition & culture, and so on to providing services like date converter, Nepali Unicode, Preeti To Unicode, Unicode To Preeti, they focus on every possible topic related to Nepal. Apart from these, Nepali Trends is one of the worth visiting and reading blogs in Nepal.


These are the top 10 bloggers in Nepal or simply you can say the top 10 blog websites in Nepal. We have already mentioned that this list isn’t based on the ranking by Alexa or other ranking measure tools. The popularity of these blogs may be changed according to the time in the coming days. Some new blogs can be very popular than any of these in this list. So according to the increasing popularity, we will keep updating this list. If you think there are some other blogs that you think should be on this list, then let us know, we will try to add that name to this list.

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