Things That Are Only Or Mostly Found In Nepal

There are a number of things in almost every country that are either only or mostly found in that country. These things can be any animals, birds, plants, or other living beings, buildings, or others. 

You must know the names of some countries that are famous and popular for having certain things that are only or mostly found there.  

For example, Australia is better known for having Kangaroos, India for having the Taj Mahal, and France is known for having the Eiffel Tower. These are just a few numbers of such countries. You may know even more than me. 

In the same way, Also being a small landlocked country, Nepal has many things that other countries in the world don’t have. Nepal is not only about Mt. Everest or Gautham Budhha. Nepal has still a number of things about which you probably don’t know.

Names Of The Things Only Found In Nepal

Now, brace yourself to know about the names of the things that you can mostly find in Nepal.

1. Non-Quadrilateral Flag

things that are only found in Nepal

The first thing that you can find anywhere in the world except Nepal is the National Flag Of Nepal. Every country has its own unique flag that represents them but one thing is common in the flags of all the countries. And that is the shape of the flag.

Every country has a flag of Quadrilateral shape except Nepal. Nepal has its own shape of a flag that other countries don’t have. Nepal is the only country in the world whose flag isn’t in the shape of a Quadrilateral. The shape of the flag is basically made of two triangles placed one after another. Nepal is the only country whose flag is not quadrilateral.

2. Living Goddess Kumari

Nepal is the only country in the world where you can find a living goddess. This isn’t any myth or misbelief. The existence of Goddess Kumari is real in the country. It is a peculiar tradition of worshiping young prepubescent girls as manifestations of the divine female energy of “Devi” in Hindu religious traditions.

Though Goddess Kumari doesn’t possess supernatural powers, the belief of the people has made this thing possible. It is believed that Kumari is the incarnation of Taleju, the goddess of the Malla Royal Family

A girl is chosen as a Kumari for a day and is worshiped at certain festivals like Navaratri or Durga Pooja and Indra Jatra

3. Spiny Babbler And Rufous-Vented Prinia

things that are only found in Nepal

This beautiful species of bird is only found in Nepal. Spiny Babbler or simply known as Kande Bhyakur in the local language can be found only in the middle hills of Nepal especially in the Kathmandu Valley regions.

Another species of bird that is only found in Nepal is Rufous-vented Prinia and also known as Prinia burnessi. The bird was first identified on April 1, 2005, according to the report of WWF. The bird can be only found in Nepal on the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserves. 

4. Lapsi Or Nepali Hug Plum

things that are only found in Nepal

Though the scientific name of this plant is Choerospondias Axillaris, it is mostly known and popular as Lapsi or Nepali Hug Plum. This is a small size fruit that is mostly used to make fruit tarts, pickles, sour, and spicy candy in Nepal.

Lapsi can be partially found in some other South Asian countries like China, India, Bhutan, and Japan, but still, Lapsi is considered to be found only in Nepal because Nepal has the quantity of Lapsi more than these countries. It is also one of the rare plants in the world.

5. Variations In Landscape

You can’t find the variance in the landscape in other countries of the world than Nepal. Though Nepal is a small landlocked country surrounded by India and China from all of its sizes, you can find a huge variation in the landscape of Nepal.

Even being a small country, Nepal is divided naturally into three parts of the landscape with a huge difference; The Himalayas, The Hills, and The Terai with a total area of 1,47,181 sq. km. The country has plan lands to high mountains.

The height ranges from 60m Terai at sea level to 8848m Mt.Everest. Due to these differences, Nepal has Tilicho lake at the highest level in the world as well as the Arun Valley which is also the highest valley on the Earth.

6. Caterpillar Fungus

things that are only found in Nepal

Caterpillar Fungus, also known as Yarshagumba in Nepali and Keeda Jadi in Hindi is one of the rare things found on the Earth. This rare thing though is mostly found in the Himalayas regions of Nepal. It can also be found in some parts of India and Bhutan but in very few amounts.

Caterpillar Fungus is a type of fungus that grows on the body of living insects. It is used for many medical purposes and still many researches are being conducted on this to know more about this. It is also used to treat respiratory disorders like Tuberculosis, Asthma, and Bronchitis.

7. The Gurkhas And The Khukuris

things that are only found in Nepal

Nepal is well known in the country for having one of the most fierce soldiers in the world, the Gurkhas. The bravery of the Gurkha soldier has never been hidden from the world. The world has always appreciated the bravery of Gurkhas. Though now, Gurkha armies are recruited in many countries like Britain, India, Singapore, etc, the land of these Gurkhas always will be Nepal.

The Gurkha armies are very popular for the special type of weapon that is only found in Nepal. And that weapon is Khukuri. Khukuri is one of the oldest and traditional weapons in Nepal. Khukuri is a bit like a thick pointed knife.


These are the things that are either mostly or only found in Nepal. We hope you like this list of things and get to know at least some new information about Nepal. If you know some more such things that are either mostly or only found in Nepal.

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