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Amazing Facts About Mt. Everest That You Probably Don't Know

Have you ever thought beside being the world's highest mountain on this planet, are there more facts that everyone in this world should know?  Well, if you have thought this, then you also might have known numbers of facts related to Mt. Everest.   Mt. Everest which is located in Nepal near the Tibet border of Chi…

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Unknown and Unbelievable Geographical Facts Of Nepal

Fascinating Geography Of Nepal Whenever people hear the name of Nepal, many of them think that either Nepal is a very small landlocked country that is surrounded by India and China from all of its sides or it is a country where Mt. Everest is located. Even Nepal occupies a very small percentage of land on the world ma…

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Some Unknown And Mind-Blowing Facts About Nepal

Most of the time, when people heard the name of Nepal, few names like  Mt.Everest , Sherpas , Gurkhas , Gautam Budhha , etc come to their minds. As these Nepalese things are widely popular in the world, so it's quite obvious that other people will think about these.   But in reality, there are many more Nepalese t…

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