10 Popular Traditional Foods Of Nepal That You Should Try

Nepal being multilingual, multicultural and a country with multi-ethnic groups, every food reflects its authenticity. Every cuisine carries its own special taste and influence of different cultures. Nepalese cuisine has a number of dishes that are a mixture of amazing flavors. Traditional foods of Nepal are flavorsome, healthy, hearty, and tasty as well.

10 Popular And Delicious Traditional Foods Of Nepal

Here are the names of 10 popular and delicious foods of Nepal that you must try when you’re in Nepal.

1. Daal Bhat Tarkari

Daal (lentil soup), Bhat (rice), Tarkari (vegetable curry), is the foundation of Nepalese cuisine. Daal and Bhaat are the traditional food of Nepal. Daal is prepared by split pulses like beans, peas, black gram, moong, etc, and Tarkari by seasonal vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, ladyfinger, cabbage, etc. 

Popular Traditional Foods In Nepal

It is more popular because rice is low in fibers and easily digested, also highly produced in Nepali geography. We can also add Meat, Spinach, and Salad to Daal, Bhat.

Overall daal, Bhat, and Tarkari are every Nepalese favorite and made in everyone’s home at least once a day. When you travel Nepal don’t forget to try this loved cuisine and then you will know why Daal Bhat Tarkari is popular in Nepal?

2. Aalu Tama

Aalu(potato), Tama(fermented bamboo shoot). Aalu Tama is one of the savory flavors in Nepalese cuisine. It is the curry made with potatoes and fermented bamboo shoots, mixed with garlic, ginger, onions, and some species. 

Popular Traditional Foods In Nepal

It is also mixed with beans, to add more flavor.  We can eat Aalu Tama with rice or chapatti(roti). We can guarantee once you taste this food you would definitely love the combination of Aalu Tama and Bodi.

3. Selroti

Selroti is also one of the traditional foods of Nepal, which is ring-shaped and very famous food in the Hindu community. It is specially made during the festival “Tihar”. Selroti is made up of over soaked rice flour mixed with ghee, water, pepper, and sugar and then fried in ghee. 

Popular Traditional Foods In Nepal

Every Nepalese can relate to the taste of Selroti with tea, also with beans curry. Selrotis are mouth-watering and can be enjoyed as breakfast and lunch too. It is also ritualistically offered to gods and goddesses in puja. It is popular as festive bread for many occasions but now we can find Selrotis in most of the streets of Nepal.

4. Dhido Gundruk

While mentioning Nepalese food to try, how can we forget about the national food of Nepal? Dhido and Gundruk have a special place in every Nepalese heart. 

Gundruk is a popular dish among Nepalese, it is a dish made by fermented green leafy vegetables such as mustard, radish, cauliflower leaves. It has a very authentic taste, we can use Gundruk as curry mixed with potato, also can be made pickles. 

Popular Traditional Foods In Nepal

Dhido is traditionally prepared from buckwheat, maize, and millet flour mixed with boiling water and stir batter continuously until the consistency becomes thick. It is everyday food for most people in the rural part of Nepal where rice cannot be grown properly.

Dhido and Gundrunk can be the best combination if you want to try authentic Nepalese cuisine, you can add meat, vegetable curry, curd for a more appetizing taste.

5. JuJu Dhau

Juju Dhau is a very famous Nepali food originated from the Newari community, specially prepared in Bhaktapur of Kathmandu. Juju Dhau also named king yogurt is a sweetened custard made by boiling buffalo milk in a large pot in traditional firewood and then fermented. 

Popular Traditional Foods In Nepal

It is served in clay pots which are soaked in water to prevent it from observing any water. Juju Dhau is becoming more delicious if we add spices like cinnamon, coconut, and sugar. No Newari feast is complete without sweet creamy Juju Dhau. 

I strongly recommend trying this creamy treat when you’re roaming around Bhaktapur.

6. Bhakka

Bhakka is basically a rice flour cake that originates from the eastern part of Nepal and is famous in the Rajbanshi community. The taste of Bhakka is pretty bland, simply made of rice flour and water. The rice flour made from milling soaked rice is mixed with water and then massaged with palm, then compacted in a small bowl and steamed. 

Popular Traditional Foods In Nepal

Bhakka can be eaten with chutney (tomato pickle) to add more flavor. Oil-free, organic, and quite healthy Bhakka is on the way to make the commercialization of food. When you’re around eastern terai make sure you give a new taste to your tastebuds.

7. Bara and Chatamari

Bara and Chatamari thoroughly represent the Newari community of Nepal. Any Newari cuisine is incomplete without Bara and Chatamari. Either it is any festive or normal catchup with friends, Bara and Chatamari have a special heart in almost every Newari people. 

Bara is basically a delicious lentil pancake.

It is healthy and hygienic food. The thick savory pancake made from lentil paste mixed with chopped onions, cumin, turmeric, ginger, and cracked egg on top as per your taste. Beyond just a snack, bara holds significance to Newari people.

Popular Traditional Foods In Nepal

Chatamari also named Nepali pizza. It is rice flour bread topped with onions, minced meat, egg, vegetable, cheese, etc. Chatamari is especially popular during festive and celebrations but now it is widely available in almost all restaurants in Kathmandu.

Popular Traditional Foods In Nepal

8. Khuwa 

Khuwa is a dairy product, one of the most desired and most popular sweets in Nepal. It made by boiling fresh milk on a low flame until it turns thick and all the moisture is evaporated. 

Popular Traditional Foods In Nepal

These delicious milk cubes have been able to win the heart of every people having sweet tooth. Make sure you taste this if you’re around any corner of Nepal.

9. Ghongi (Escargot)

Ghongi, a Snail is considered a delicacy in the Tharu community. Like I mentioned already Nepal is rich in ethnicity and culture, so every community owns reflection in food as well. Ghongi is the most common food in the Tharu community of Nepal. 

Popular Traditional Foods In Nepal

This species of snail is commonly found in ponds, rivers, and paddy fields. We need to wash and rinse the snails thoroughly. Boil the snails and cook like regular curries by adding oil, onions, ginger, garlic, and other species. This is usually eaten by sucking the snail from the shell and served with puffed rice.

10. Yak Cheese

Yak Cheese is produced in the Himalayas region from the milk of the  Yak grazing in Nepal’s highland. Yak cheese is made by boiling the yak milk and then dried for several weeks to create a hard chew. 

The cheese is disarmingly mild, with a clean, milky flavor that is kept in the mouth to moisten it. It lets the part of cheese become soft and can be chewed like gum. Yak cheese contains a higher level of healthy fat. I like yak cheese so much and recommend you to give it a try.


These are the 10 traditional foods of Nepal you should try when you’re in Nepal. These foods represent several cultures and are related to different traditions. Nepalese dishes are healthier and take heavy influence from closest geographical companions. It combines a range of ingredients and techniques and reflects a proper multi-culture. So, make sure you try each of them and let us know which one blew your mind away.

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