20 Most Popular Android Apps In Nepal [2021]

Want to know about the most popular android apps in Nepal? Stick to this end of this post. You will get to know about the 20 popular android apps in Nepal.

In 2011, only 9% of the total population of Nepal used to have an internet connection, but now these statistics have been increased rapidly over the years. In the last few years, millions of internet users are added per year. According to the report of datareportal.com, more than 10.21 million population in Nepal have started using the internet.

As per their reports, the number of internet users has been increased by 315,000 in between the small of 2019-2020. By 2020, the percentage of people that are using the internet has crossed 63%, and this is marvelous for a technically backward country like Nepal. And this number has been still increasing although the Internet is quite expensive in Nepal in comparison to the other countries.  

Now you have an idea about the number of people who use the internet in Nepal. Since the number is quite much more than half of the population, people must have kept several online and offline mobile applications on their mobile devices. 

That’s why we are covering the names of the 20 most popular Android Applications in Nepal according to the year 2020. 

List Of Popular Android Apps In Nepal In 2021

It’s the list that is made on the popularity of apps in a country by Google Playstore itself, and the position keeps altering time-to-time, so there is a chance that some apps won’t be on the list of PlayStore if you are reading this after a few days or months after the publication of this article. 

But all in all, basically these are the apps that are among the 20 most popular android applications in Nepal. It means these are the apps that most of the internet users in Nepal use on their android phones. 


It seems like after getting banned in our neighboring country India, TikTok gets more recognition in Nepal. 

But this is not a real fact. The real fact is, TikTok has been one of the popular Android apps in Nepal since it was launched on the play store. Even facing so many backlashes on the internet in recent times, it is still the most popular app in Nepal according to 2020. 

Let us know in the comment box, Do you have installed TikTok on your phone or not?

Zoom Cloud Meeting

The one thing that has been so popular due to this lockdown is Zoom, the cloud meeting android applications that have become a hub of meeting among the Nepalese in this pandemic either the meeting is about online classes or any conferences. 

Zoom must be the most downloaded application from the Google PlayStore in this pandemic, that’s why it has become the second most popular apps in Nepal in no time.

Facebook Lite

The reason for Facebook Lite being among the top 5 most popular apps in 2020/2021 must be the COVID-19 situation. During the lockdown, most people either have either spent their time watching movies, series, or using social media especially Facebook. 

And since everyone hasn’t wifi connection, most have to download Facebook Lite because of the data packages limitation. We know the lite version of any application consumes less data than the beta or normal version. 

Pi Network

Pi Network is also like a zoom app that became so popular in no time. And the Pi Network has gained this popularity in the last few months. But that many hadn’t even heard the name of this app. 

If you know about this app, then you must know why this app has become so popular in just a few months. You will know why and how it has become so popular. In a few more months, I think it will be the most popular app in Nepal.

Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger has been also one of the most popular apps in Nepal for a long time. But this year, it has beaten the popular apps like Facebook and Whatsapp too.

It may be because of the Nepali features that Viber supports in their system, either it is Nepali stickers or Nepali language. 


Sagoon, which means Gifts in English is an incorporated social commerce platform that operates in the U.S, India, and Nepal. This app focuses on gifts and coupons for socializing. As their tag line is Connect, Share, and Earn, this motto has helped them to gain over 5.4 Million users across the globe with more than 4000 investors. 

Whatsapp Messenger

We all know Whatsapp is the most popular OTT apps for voice and video calls along with instant message services in the world. And you will find this app being popular in most of the country.

Many news portals and other governmental and non-governmental organizations use Whatsapp more than other platforms like Skype. 

Facebook Messenger

In 2020, Facebook Messenger is even more popular than Facebook itself. 
During this lockdown, Facebook Messenger improved its existing features and also add a few new features to attract the users more toward Messenger. 

The highlighted feature of Facebook Messenger in recent times is the Create A Room service where you can do a video call or conference in a group of up to 50 people at one time. 

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is an application that allows you to live-stream your favorite moments, and make friends from all around the world. 

It has crossed more than 200 Million users across the world and most of the users are gained in this pandemic situation. 

Messenger Lite

We don’t think we have to say anything more about this. 

The reasons are the same as Facebook Lite. 


We guess IMO must be on the phone of every Nepali. If not on the phone of every Nepali who uses the internet, then you can find it on the phone of almost everyone from whose family at least anyone has gone foreign for employment. 

Sometimes it feels like IMO is even quite more popular than other platforms like Viber and Whatsapp because of the atmosphere of IMO around.

The reasons may be anything, but the fact is IMO is one of the most popular apps in Nepal, not only in 2020 but for the last 5 or 6 years. 

Hamro Patro

You also agree that Hamro Patro can be found on the android phones of almost every Nepalese. 

Hamro Patro is the Nepalese app of the official website of hamropatro.com. Hamro Patro is one of the first Nepali apps to include Nepali Patro( Nepali Calendar) that was launched in 2010. According to the developers the app version of Hamro Patro is built to help Nepalese living abroad stay in touch with Nepalese festivals and important dates in Nepali Calendar. 


According to the reports of October 2018, there are more than 1300, 800 Instagram accounts in Nepal, that cover more than 4% of the total population of Nepal. 


There are many Nepalese that have been using Facebook since it was started for the first time. And with the increase in the craze and popularity of Facebook, it also became popular in Nepal for a long time. 

According to the reports of 2018, there are 9, 857, 000 Facebook users in Nepal that occupy more than 32% of the total population of Nepal.


ShareIt is an excellent data-sharing app with a fast cross-platform transfer speed and online feeds including movies, videos, music, wallpapers, GIFs, etc. It also supports video and music players that will the users to manage and enjoy their own videos and music.

There are other such file transferring applications on PlayStore but ShareIt has been the most popular among them for a long time. 


Since Daraz is the most popular and best eCommerce website in Nepal, its official android applications provide all the features of their web version of android phones. 

With more than 1,000 registered sellers and 86,000 daily active users, Daraz is the biggest virtual shopping mall in Nepal where you can shop various products that are available online. 

Hamro Keyboard

Hamro Keyboard is a mobile application developed by the same team of Hamro Patro for all the users that love to type in Nepali languages. With this keyboard, you can type and write Nepali in any of the applications on your phone.

IMO Beta

IMO Beta is the beta version of the official version of IMO. Same as the IMO, it also allows the users to message and video chat with their friends and family.

Though the beta version is less stable than the official version, it helps users to send unlimited messages, and make video and audio calls over 2G, 3G, 4G, and wifi connection. 

MX Player

MX Player has now become more than a simple video player mobile application that supports all audio formats. 

And since now, it provides you many Bollywood, Hollywood, South-Indian, and even Nepali movies for free, the popularity of this app has increased a bit more than before. 


Snapchat isn’t as popular as other applications in Nepal. There are very few Snapchat users in Nepal. 

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