National Pride Of Nepal: From Mount Everest To Lumbini [2022]

Want to know about the things that are the national pride of Nepal? By the end of this article, you will know the names of 10 things that make every Nepalese feel proud. In simple, you will know the names of the 10 national pride of Nepal.

For example, France has an Eiffel Tower, Egypt has Pyramids, South Africa has Nelson Mandela, India has the Taj Mahal, China has The Great Wall, the U.S.A has Hollywood, and in the same way, every country has at least one thing of which they are proud. These are some of the things of these countries that are considered as their pride.

Now talking about Nepal, most of the people in the world who hear the name of Nepal must think of Nepal as a country of Mt. Everest or most probably the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. But besides these things, there are still many things on the land of Nepal that are quite popular in the world and that can be considered the national pride of the country on which every single Nepali feels proud.

List Of Of 10 National Prides Of Nepal

Now we are presenting you the names of 10 things on which every Nepalese feel very very proud. Nepal has lots of things that make every Nepalese proud but here we will tell you those popular names of the things that are inseparable from Nepal. Whenever these names will be mentioned anywhere in the world, the name NEPAL will be attached to these things.

1. Mt.Everest

national pride of Nepal

Mt. Everest is indeed an obvious thing to feel proud of as being a Nepalese. In today’s world, Mt. Everest is the biggest national pride of Nepal. Knowing that the world’s highest mountain Mt. Everest is situated in your country which is the main attraction of tourists and climbers, then every Nepalese should obviously feel proud of this.

Besides the fact that its northern face belongs to China, the whole of Mt. Everest belongs to us. Every Nepalese proudly says Mt. Everest, the world’s highest peak is situated in Nepal. Mt. Everest is a pride of every single Nepali.

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2. Diversities

National Pride Of Nepal

One of the things that Nepalese always have been proud of is their diversity. Nepalese always believe in Unity In Diversity despite the number of different groups and ethics of people living in Nepal. Nepal is not a larger country in terms of size, but even being a small size country, Nepal is a multi-religious country where numbers of groups and ethics of people live in their own way.

They have their own way of living, religious beliefs and practices, culture, language, and tradition. Though every Nepalese always have been living in full peace and harmony. That’s why Nepal never suffered from any religious or cultural riots.

3. Sovereignty

National Pride Of Nepal

Many people except Nepalese might not know about this thing. The Sovereignty of Nepal is also the pride of Nepal although it’s between mighty neighboring countries like China and India. Nepal always followed the Panchasheel Principle to manage its relations with its neighbors and other countries.

Nepal has never been colonized so we Nepalese don’t celebrate Independence Day. This might be the dream of many countries to remain sovereign, but many had been colonized by other countries in the past and they had to have fought with them to be independent. But we Nepalese have been never suffered from such things.

4. The Gorkhas

Gurkhas or simply known as Gorkhas are known worldwide for their bravery. It is said that if a person says that he is not afraid of anything, either he is lying or he has not met a Gurkha. In general, Gorkhas is the synonym of Gorkhalis, and the Gorkhalis are the people from the Gorkha district of Nepal. Gorkhas are considered among the most fearless soldiers in the world.

Besides the Nepalese Army, the Gorkhas are nowadays recruited for the armies of many countries like the British Army, Indian Army, Singapore, and other countries. The Gorkhas are also recruited for UN Peacekeeping Force and several war zones around the world. The Gorkhas have made every Nepalese feel proud because of their immense bravery and fearless nature.

5. Religious Personalities Like Gautam Budhha And Sita

National Pride Of Nepal

Nepal is a country that is blessed with many religious personalities. Among all of the religious personalities, both Nepal and Nepalese feel proud to have the birthplaces of Goddess Sita and Lord Gautam Buddha.

We have Janakpurdham which is the birthplace of Mata Sita, a wife of Lord Rama. Her love and devotion towards her husband Lord Rama made her a goddess and an icon for every Hindu woman. Mata Sita has been always an example of dedication, self-sacrifice, devotion, courage, and purity.

We also have Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha who is called the Light Of Asia, and the founder of one of the oldest religions in the world Buddhism. Lumbini has become one of the major tourist attraction places in Nepal, and the holy place for Buddhists all around the world.

6. World Heritage Sites

National Pride Of Nepal

Nepal has always been about its religions and cultures. And there are many temples, monuments, and buildings that have been representing the different cultures of Nepal for a very long time. There are many historical buildings and temples constructed many years ago that have been enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal.

Lumbini, Kathmandu Valley, Chitwan National Park, and Sagarmatha National Park are the four places that are listed by UNESCO in World Heritage Sites.

Kathmandu Valley alone has sites that are listed in World Heritage Sites that have been representing various eras and regimes of Nepal. It has Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Stoupa, Boudhanath Stoupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and Changunarayan Temple.

7. National Flag

Every country has its own national flag. The national flag of every country represents them. Almost every country in the world has the same pattern of national which is quadrilateral in shape. Only the color and symbols in them can be found differently.

But Nepal has a unique flag in the world. Nepal is the only country to have a non-quadrilateral shape national flag. It has two triangles joining together. The surface is crimson and the border is blue in color. The upper triangles have the symbol of the moon and the lower triangles have the symbol of the sun.

The meaning of the sun and moon remain in the universe. Our national flag reflects our history, culture, and religion. The red color represents Nepalese courage and the blue color is meant for the peace-loving nature of Nepalese.

8. Lophophorous(Danphe)

National Pride Of Nepal

Lophophorous, known as Danphe or Himalayan Monal in Nepali is a national bird of Nepal. It is found in the Himalayan region of Nepal. It is a very colorful bird and has nine colors. So it is also called the Naurangi Bird(Seven-Colored Bird). This is also identified in our country. So it is the pride of our country.

9. Rhododendron(Laligunras)

Rhododendron, also known as Laligunras in Nepali is a national flower of Nepal. It is normally red in color but it can also be found in different other colors like white, pink, crimson, etc. A total of 1024 species of Rhododendron can be found be in the world. Most of the species found in Nepal are brightly colored and are bloomed from late winter to early summer.

It is found in the high hill and Himalayas region of Nepal. Since it can be found in Nepal on a huge scale and is the national flower of Nepal, it is considered the pride of Nepal. If you trek in the spring season, it will be mind-blowing, blooming rhododendron, everywhere on the trekking trail.

10. Arniko The Great Architecture

National Pride Of Nepal

Arniko is the greatest architecture ever born in Nepal who not only made his name popular in Nepal but also in Northern Asian countries like China with his talents and arts. The credit of artistic exchanges between Nepal and China has been always given most to Arniko.

Arniko is the architect who is believed to introduce the Pagoda style of buildings. He has designed and built so many monuments, temples, and buildings in Pagoda style in both Nepal and China. Now we can find many buildings and temples built in Pagoda style in other countries like Japan, Thailand, and other Asian countries. Pagoda style is one of the finest and beautiful styles of buildings in the world, and we Nepalese feel proud that it was introduced by the greatest Nepalese architect Arniko during the 13th Century.

Final Thoughts

These are the 10 national pride of Nepal that make every Nepali feel proud. Besides these things, there are many rivers of Nepal, lakes, mountains, places, personalities, historical figures, etc that are also the pride of every Nepalese. We have listed only these ten things because of their popularity across the world. Despite all the pride of Nepal, we Nepalese still considered Natural Beauty the main pride of Nepal. It’s the beauty of this land that has made Nepal the living paradise on this earth, and we Nepalese feel very proud of being able to be born, live, and grow in this paradise.

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