The 10 Most Popular Nepali Apps Used By Nepalese

Nepal has developed rapidly in recent years, with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets becoming more common every day, allowing more and more Nepalese to access the internet on the go.

It’s no surprise then that many apps have started cropping up over the past few years. If you’re looking to learn about the most popular Nepali apps, this blog post might help you! It’s because in this blog post, we are going to tell you the names of the 10 most popular Nepal apps.

With all of the apps available it can be hard to know which ones are worth using. The 10 most popular Nepali apps have been put together to help you decide which ones are worth downloading and using, and which ones might not be worth.

10 Most Popular Nepali Apps

The Google Play Store features more than one million apps, but which ones are the most popular in Nepal?

The following is a list of the top 10 most popular Nepali apps you need to know about, based on user ratings and reviews, as well as overall popularity among the local community.

1. Hamro Patro

Undoubtely Hamro Patro is the best Nepali app that you can find. Hamro Patro is an app that you can find on the phone of almost every Nepali living in Nepal or abroad. Although it’s a simple multiculture calendar app, it has been helping Nepalese to track the important dates and events like festivals according to Bikram Sambat calendar. With very easy-to-use interface, many services, and being availeable in many important languages spoken in Nepal, Hamro Patro has become the most favorite Nepali app of most Nepalese. One complete dedicated blog post can be written on why Hamro Patro is the best Nepali app? Hamro Patro has over 10 Million downloads on PlayStore.

2. Esewa

Esewa has been one of the most popular Nepali apps ever since it was launched. It was a pathbreaking move in modernizing Nepal in a technical field. Esewa is a digital wallet that allows a user to make online payments, transactions, transfer funds from one bank to another and many more. Day by day, the features and services in Esewa is growing with much more secured way. Now, people can recharge their mobile phone, pay bills of NEA, schools, colleges, internet bills, and many more. There are more than 5 Million downloads of Esewa on Google Playstore.

3. Hamro Keyboard

With over 10 Million downloads on PlayStore, Hamro Keyboard is another most popular Nepali app. It is a Nepali keyboard app to write Nepali text in any app. Apart from able to directly write Nepali text on any app, Hamro Keyboard comes with other many features. This app comes with many layouts, theme, stickers, translations, and so on. The easy-to-use feature of this app has made it one of the most popular Nepali apps, and the best Nepali writing app on PlayStore.

4. Daraz Nepal

Daraz Nepal isn’t only one of the most popular Nepali apps, but it’s also the best ecommerce website in Nepal. It is the best place where Nepalese can find almost everything available at one place. With wide and assorted range of products and accessories including electronics items like mobiles & tablets, mens & womens fashion, home appliances, and many more, Daraz Nepal is the best choice of Nepalese when it comes to online shopping Nepali app.

5. Khalti

Khalit is another online wallet in this list of most popular Nepali apps. It has more or less the same popularity in Nepal as Esewa has. Khalti also does the same thing as Esewa. With the help of Khalti, people can easily make online payments & transactions, pay bills, book tickets, and many more. Khalti has been playing a vital role in making the caseless system in Nepal.

6. Hamro Dictionary

Offered by Hamro Patro, Hamro Dictionary is the best online and offline English-to-Nepali dictionary for mobile devices. This is the best app for those who either wants to learn Nepali or English. The app has more than 20,000 English words and 30,000 Nepali words. With more than 1 Million plus download, it is among one of the most popular Nepali apps. If you want to learn Nepali as a foreigner, this app is the best choice for you!

7. Foodmandu

Foodmandu started to get popularity from the very start of its establishment. It is the food delievering service started in Nepal. Foodmandu delievers food from different and many popular restaurants of Nepal. Although its services are only limited to Kathmandu and Pokhara only, Foodmandu is getting popularity all over Nepal. That’s why the app of Foodmandu has been downloaded over 100K times on Google PlayStore.

8. Pathao Nepal

Pathao Nepal is the biggest and the most popular ride hailing service provider in Nepal. Started in 2015 in Bangladesh as a solution to the daily transportation and traffic problem for public, Pathao started its service in Nepal from 25 September 2018. Ever since it is founded in Nepal, it has become one of the fast growing startups in Nepal.

9. NetTV Nepal

NetTV is the first OTT platform mobile Nepali app that allows user to watch live TV channels including both free to air and premium channels. It allows users also to watch movies from various genres like romantic, action, horror, thriller, comedy of various film industries like Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood. These are the features that make NetTV one of the most popular Nepali app.

10. Ludo Pro-Hamro Games

Ludo Pro is one of the most popular and the most popular Nepali game app. It is a classical and popular game commonly played by children and adults in different countries. But the game is quite popular among Nepalese. Ludo has been always one of the most popular games in Nepal. So, in no time Ludo Pro became one of the most popular Nepali apps among Nepalese.


The Nepali app market is growing rapidly, with new and innovative apps being released all the time. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to know about the most popular Nepali apps. So, these above-mentioned apps are the 10 most popular Nepali apps. We hope you like reading this article! If you have any queries related to it, let us know in the comment box!

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