A Look At The 10 Most Imported Items in Nepal

Despite being one of the least populated countries in the world, Nepal imports various goods from abroad every year. Nepal has an extensive list of imported items from around the world, as well as its own products for export to other countries.

most imported items in Nepal

Imported goods are usually more expensive than similar goods in Nepal due to importing costs and taxes levied by government agencies. Still, these products are commonly found in stores throughout the country and purchased by locals and tourists alike.

This article looks at the list of 10 most imported items in Nepal. To find out more about the most popular imported items in Nepal, keep reading!

Top 10 Most Imported Items In Nepal In 2021/22

According to Department Of Customs, the fiscal year 2021/22 saw the biggest imports and exports in terms of monetary value in Nepal. In this fiscal year, Nepal has exported goods/items worth Rs. 1.92 trillion. Here’s a list of 10 most imported items in Nepal in 2021/22.

1. Diesel

In fiscal year 2021/22, the most imported item in Nepal is Diesel. Since the number of diesel engines vehincels are high in Nepal, there is no surprise on why diesel is the most imported item in Nepal. Nepal has imported 1.75 billion of litres worthing Rs.100.68 billion.

2. Petrol

Although diesel and petrol have high price in Nepal, they are the most imported items in Nepal. After diesel, petrol is the second most imported item in Nepal in fiscal year 2021/2022. Nepal has imported 738.53 million litres of petrol worthing Rs. 71.38 billion.

3. Cooking Gas

One of the most popular imported items in Nepal is cooking gas. This is because it is not readily available in Nepal and is expensive. Cooking gas is used for many things, such as cooking and heating. It is also used in industries. In 2021/22, Nepal has imported 535.8 million kilograms of cooking gas worthing Rs. 65.55 billion.

4. Crude Soyabean Oil

Soyabean Oil is one of the most widely consumed cooking oils and the second most consumed vegetable oil. Therefore, it is also widely used in Nepal for cooking. Althgouh Nepal has soyabean and has cabacity to produce soyabean oils, Nepal has imported 332.9 million litres of Crude Soyabean Oil worthing of around Rs. 56.18 billion.

5. Iron And Steel

Iron and steel products are some of the most popular items imported into Nepal. This is due in part to the fact that they are used extensively in construction, both for commercial and residential buildings. Additionally, iron and steel products are also used in the manufacturing of a variety of goods, from cars to appliances. As a result, the demand for these products is always high, making them a lucrative import for businesses. So, in the fiscal year 2021/22, Nepal has imported 665.65 million kilograms of iron and steel worthing Rs. 51.29 billion.

6. Crude Palm Oil

Palm oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the mesocarp (reddish pulp) of the fruits of the palms. Since the oil is heavily used in food manufacturing, beauty products, and also used as biofuels, it has to be imported in Nepal. So, Nepal has imported 276.62 million litres of Crude palm oil worthing Rs. 39.31 billion.

7. Telephone Equipement

Nepal isn’t a country which is rich in developing technical equipments. That’s why every year, Nepal has to import many technical equipments. Out of all the technical equipents imported in Nepal, telephone equipements are on the top. Nepal has imported 5,053 units of telephone equipements in fiscal year 2021/22 worth of 35.61 billion.

8. Coal

Coal has been known and used as fuels and other form of energy for thousands of years. Despite of having other sources of fuels and other sources of energy like electricity in Nepal, coal is still the main source of energy used in brick kiln in Nepal. Nepal has imported huge 740 million kg of coal worthing Rs. 35.95 billion in the fiscal year 2021/22.

9. Gold

As Nepali citizens become more affluent, they are increasingly looking to purchase gold as a status symbol and investment. In addition to buying gold jewelry, many people are now investing in gold bars and coins. The Nepali government has also been buying gold to help bolster its reserves. Nepal has imported 5,053 kilograms of gold worthing Rs. 35.61 billion in fiscal year 2021/22.

10. Vaccines

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, despite of large number of vaccines for COVID-19 donated to Nepal by different countries, Nepal has to import vaccines of COVID-19 and other diseases. So, according to Department of Customs, Nepal has imported 277,797 kilograms of vaccines having the total worth of Rs. 32 billion.

Quick Insight Of 10 Most Imported Items In Nepal

S. NGoods/ItemsQuantityWorth (In Rs)
1Diesel1.75 billion litres100. 68 billion
2Petrol738.53 million litres71.38 billion
3Cooking Gas535.8 million kg65.55 billion
4Crude Soyabean Oil332.9 million litres56.18 billion
5Iron And Steels665.65 million kg51.29 billion
6Crude Palm Oil276.62 million litres39.31 billion
7Telephone Equipments558.65 units38.06 billion
8Coal740 million kg35.95 billion
9Gold5,053 kg35.61 billion
10Vaccines277,797 kg32 billion


Overall, the most imported items in Nepal are natural gas, followed by irons and then food items. Most of the imported items in Nepal are imported by India and China. Beside these above mentioned items, there are other items that are imported in Nepal. When it comes to food items, rice is the most popular, followed by wheat and then sugar. Clothing wise, shirts and t-shirts are the most popular, followed by pants and then dresses. Finally, when it comes to electronics, phones are the most popular item, followed by laptops and then TVs.

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