List Of The 10 Most Exported Items From Nepal

While Nepal has long been known as an exporter of agricultural products and raw materials, in recent years the country has begun to export more finished goods as well.

Few days ago, we had written a blog post on 10 most imported items in Nepal, in this blog post we’ll take a look at the 10 most commonly exported items from Nepal to see what makes these exports so popular.

According to the Department of Customs, Nepal has exported items from Nepal worth of around Rs. 600 billion in the fiscal year 2021/22.

Top 10 Most Exported Items From Nepal

While tourism makes up the majority of Nepal’s economy, plenty of other goods are exported from the country as well. From spices to clothing to electronics, here’s an overview of just some of the top items that have been sold to international buyers in the fiscal year 2021/22.

1. Soya Bean Oil

Nepal exports a variety of items, but soybean oil is one of the top products. This oil is used in many different industries, including as a cooking oil, in cosmetics, and as a biofuel. Nepal produces a high-quality soybean oil that is in demand around the world.

2. Unrefined Palm Oil

Although it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Nepal, this Southeast Asian country is actually a top exporter of unrefined palm oil. In fact, palm oil exports make up a significant portion of Nepal’s total export revenue.

3. Refined Palm Oil

Palm oil is one of the top exports from Nepal, and refined palm oil makes up a large portion of that. The oil is extracted from the fruit of the oil palm tree, and it’s used in a variety of products, including cosmetics, food, and biofuels. Palm oil is a highly versatile product, and it’s no wonder that it’s so popular in Nepal.

4. Carpet And Textile

Nepal is world-renowned for its handmade carpets and textiles. In fact, these items are some of the most popular exports from the country. Carpets and textiles are typically made from wool or cotton, and they often feature intricate designs. Nepal’s carpets and textiles are prized for their beauty and craftsmanship, and they make wonderful gifts or home decor items.

5. Jute

Jute is one of the items that has been exporting from Nepal for a long time. The cultivation and production of Jute in Nepal has a long history. Nepal produce a large amount of Jute which is used in making jute fabrics. In 2021/22, Nepal has exported jute of worth Rs. 5.66 billion.

6. Cardamom

Nepal is one of the largest cardamom producers in the world. In fact, Cardamom is the Nepal’s main agriculture export product or item. With the total worth of Rs. 4.81 billion, Cardamom is one of the most exported items from Nepal in 2021/22.

7. Felt

Felt industry is one of the major and leading industries in Nepal. With time, this industry has been growing more and more which is helping Nepal in exporting these felt items more to other countries. In the fiscal year 2021/22, Nepal has exported felt items of worth Rs. 4.68 billion.

8. Redefined Sunflower Oil

You might be surprised to learn that one of Nepal’s top exports is refined sunflower oil. This versatile oil is used in everything from cooking and baking to cosmetics and skincare. Nepal exports over $100 million worth of refined sunflower oil each year, making it one of the country’s most valuable commodities.

9. Fruit Juice

Nepal is well-known for its delicious fruit juices, which are made from fresh, local fruits. The most popular flavors include mango, orange, and grapefruit. Nepal exports a variety of fruit juices to countries all over the world, and they are a popular item among tourists.

10. Yarn

Nepal exports a variety of yarns, including wool, cashmere, and angora. The country is known for its high-quality wool, which is often used in sweaters and other garments. Cashmere is another popular choice for clothing, as it is soft and durable. Angora yarn is also exported, though it is less common than the other two types.

Quick Insight At 10 Most Exported Items From Nepal

S.NGoods/ItemsQuantityWorth(In Rs)
1Soya Bean Oil195.4 million litres48.12 billion
2Unrefined Palm Oil128.68 million litres25.85 billion
3Refined Palm Oil70 million litres15.20 billion
4Carpet And Textures494,867 square miters9.56 billion
5Jute 111.67 million square mitres5.66 billion
6Cardamom5.36 million kg4.81 billion
7Felt 2.04 miilion kg4.68 billion
8Refined Sunflower Oil22.42 million litres4.51 billion
9Fruit Juice 61.45 million litres4.48 billion
10Yarn12.65 million kg436.99 billion


In conclusion, these are the 10 most exporte items from Nepal. All of these items contribute to the Nepalese economy in a big way. The country has a lot to offer the world and these exports are just a small part of what makes Nepal so special. Hope you like reading this blog post. If you find it informative, please do share it!

And at the end, thank you for reading this blog post!

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