Lok Dohori In Nepal And Its Significance

What comes to your mind when you hear Lok Dohori? Or should we ask you that have you heard anything about Lok Dohori in Nepal?

If you are a Nepalese, then you probably must have known about Lok Dohori. Lok Dohori is one of those things that are very popular in the Entertainment Industry Of Nepal or say in the Nepalese Music Industry.

Read this article completely to know about Lok Dohori and its significance in Nepal. Even if you have heard about Lok Dohori, this article might be useful for you.

What Is Lok Dohori In Nepal?

Lok Dohori is a type of folk song that is sung by two teams of male and female where a team sings a question and the opponent team replies through an equally lyrical impromptu couplet and vice versa. Literally, it is a singing form of questions and answers.

Dohori means back and forth. So it refers to the exchange of lyrical phrases between singers. It is mostly performed with many individuals participating. Lok Dohori songs are quite longer than the normal songs.

Significance Of Lok Dohori In Nepal

Lok Dohori is undoubtedly one of the most popular things in Nepal since it has been a part of Nepali culture for a long time.

There are many Nepali folk songs, and Lok Dohori is the most popular among them. Lok Dohori is originated in the rural hilly areas of Nepal. There is no history of when exactly it was started and from where. Even now when folk songs are vanishing in other countries, Lok Dohori is still one of the prominent and popular songs in Nepal. It is sung in both rural and urban areas of Nepal. Lok Dohori is quite popular among Nepalese who live in other countries. Men and women gather together and form two teams and sit on the opposite sides. They keep competing with lyrical phrases until one team runs out of witty answers.

Lok Dohori has a great influence on Nepali Music Industry and the Nepali film Industry too. A number of Lok Dohori songs are released every year in Nepal. Lok Dohori singers and artists have the same respect as Playback Singers and actors/actresses. You can also find Lok Dohori songs being used in Nepali films.

YouTube is a great platform for Nepali films and Nepali songs. Almost every Nepali film is released on YouTube after some months of its theoretical release. Many Nepali songs are directly released on the platform of YouTube for wider audiences.

Based on the number of views on YouTube, we have picked the 10 most Lok Dohori songs on YouTube that you can listen to.

Lok Dohori SongsNumber Of Views(YouTube)
Saal Ko Paat70 Million
Galbandi46 Million
Lalumai34 Million
Lobhi Aankha31 Million
Chauka Dau25 Million
Pachhyauri Lisiyo21 Million
Chautari Ko Bar21 Million
Chalyo Batas20 Million
Bhirni Jholama19 Million
Uhi Khola Maa Paani18 Million
10 Most Popular Lok Dohori Songs On YouTube

1. Saal Ko Paat

Vocals: Kulendra Bishwakarma & Bishnu Majhi

Lyrics: Nawaraj Panta

Music: Basanta Thapa

Music Arranger: Aashish Aviral

Studio: Raaga Record

2. Galbandi

Vocals: Prakash Saput & Shanti Shree Pariyar

Lyrics: Prakash Saput

Creation: Shambhu Rai

Re-Creation: Prakash Saput

Music Arranger / Background Score: Krishna B.K. “Bhanja”

3. Lalumai

Vocals: Bishnu Majhi & Sandip Neupane

Lyrics: Shiva Hamal

Music: Shiva Hamal

Music Arranger: Ashish Aviral

4. Lobhi Aankha

Vocals: Basanta Thapa & Laxmi Malla

Lyrics: Krishna KC

Music: Basanta Thapa

Arranger: Ashish Aviral

5. Chauka Dau

Vocal: Shanti Shree Pariyar Babu Krishna Pariyar

Lyrics: Bijaya Chand Darpan

Music: Babu Krishna Pariyar

Music Arrange: Sunil Pariyar

6. Pachhyauri Lisiyo

Vocals: Samikshya Adhikari, Arjun Sapkota & Rabin Lamichhane

Lyrics: Rabin Lamichhane

Music: Arjun Sapkota

Arranger: Krishna Bk Bhanja

7. Chautari Ko Bar

Vocals: Bikram Pariyar & Sumitra Tamang

Lyrics: Nakul Dhakal

Music: Basanta Thapa

Arranger: Ashish Aviral

8. Chalyo Batas

Vocals: Menuka Pariyar/Sitaram Pariyar

Lyrics: Gobinda Pangeni

Music: Gobinda Pangeni

Audio/Video: Kharo Media

9. Bhirni Jholama

Vocals: Krishna Akheli & Sarswati Lamichhane

Lyrics: Shiva Akheli

Music: Krishna Akheli

Music Arranger: Krishna BK “Bhanja”

10. Uhi Khola Maa Paani

Vocals: Rajan Gurung & Devi Gharti

Lyrics: Keshab Poudel

Music: Basanta Thapa

Arranger: Aashish Aviral

Final Thoughts

Lok Dohori songs aren’t the only part of entertainment in Nepal. It is a part of the diverse culture of Nepal. Since Nepal is very rich in culture, folk songs like Lok Dohori still have their existence and significance.

We hope you like reading this article. If we have given some misinformation, then let us know in the comment box. You can also write your advice and suggestions there.

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