Re-Imagining The Internet Of Things In Nepal


The modernization in the field of Information Technology has opened a plethora of doors and opportunities for all technicians and tech lovers who seem to seek and explore the maximum boundaries in this field. 
Internet In Nepal

And with this immense flow of interest towards this field, a majority of new scopes and areas under this field have evolved lately. 

Among such a wide range of fields under IT, the one that is able to fascinate every technical personnel’s right now is the “Internet Of Things“. Simply termed as IoT, it is one of the highly anticipated section under IT. 
In regards to this, It is termed as the hot cake of Information Technology. In recent years, from machines to humans and from technicians to common people every life and way of work has changed as a virtue of this sector. 

History and Context

The IoT is so flexible that people have even modified and manipulated this sector or a part of it for their own benefits and ease of access; therefore it is rapidly occupying the business and overall economic markets throughout the world too.

Looking at its core, it seems clear that the possibilities that can be derived through this sector are still unknown. From machine learning to artificial intelligence; that could not have been imagined 200 years ago were all derived from basic concepts of IoT. 

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But what can we expect more from it? is the question surrounding the technical geniuses recently but still the answer to this is so complex and meanwhile difficult to assume too. Therefore we can just make our own theories&presumptions and speculate what can we expect to see ahead of us. 

Expected Outcomes

Looking at the ongoing projects and researches in this field, the initial things we can visualize right now can be smart gadgets like a hologram, advanced augmented reality etc, embedded systems, new machine designing techniques, interconnected application systems  and   some advancements in vehicles, communication technology and so on. 
These are some projects we can clearly visualize but what about the things we possibly are not concerned right now or we believe them to be impossible?

Global Imagination due to IoT

We can imagine some mesmerizing technical advancements through IoT. For an instance, we can speculate to see automated housing systems, flying cars, military semi-automated defense systems in the security of countries, Highly engineered research systems, supercomputers, high-quality 3D printers, nanocomputers, ultimate encryption technologies, complex computer applications, highly compressed cloud and data  storage  systems and even artificial medical operations too. These are only some things included but not limited to, as the outcome that may or may not  exist as successful approach under IoT.

IoT in Nepal

This is simply the global perspective of IoT but we cannot deny the significance of IoT in a developing country like ours(i.e NEPAL).Whether it be the introduction of robots in a Nepali Restaurant like in KKFC or tests regarding RC planes all are included under IoT. 

We as a nation have endless possibilities to look after technology. We are the latecomers in this sector but still, we have no boundaries to restrict us to explore the possibilities. Some highly talented youths have been seen in this sector from our country too, so we can`t deny the fact that we are slowly and steadily broadening our steps to reach the ultimate era of IoT and the future does not seem so far either.

Robot Waiter Serving In KKFC Nepal


Despite such seemingly endless possibilities, there are some backdrops in IoT that slow down the process of advancement through it. The first and foremost thing that hinders IOT advancements is the budget issue. 

Currently, only highly successful and wealthy businessmen and companies seem to invest in IoT so the number of ongoing projects is somewhat limited. Also, This sector is highly risky and small investors don`t find their money secure while looking into it.

Some others hindrances are IoT Brain Drain, high salary demand of limited IoT professionals, lack of proper IoT related courses in developing and underdeveloped countries and so on. Regardless of these circumstances, We can still see the future of IoT bright as people are now gradually understanding the potential of IoT as a result of constant changes in technical sectors as a result of influence due to IoT.


Looking at these, it’s clear that the boundaries to IoT is unlimited and nothing seems impossible when it`s imagined looking at the previous advancements achieved by the help of IoT. So, we must keep re-imagining technologies so that IoT keeps prospering therefore making our imaginations a reality in the far future. 

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