20+ Amazing And Interesting Facts About Buddha

There must be very few people in this world who haven’t heard the name of Gautam Buddha. If you have heard the name of Gautam Buddha, then how many facts about Buddha do you know?

This complete article is about several facts about Buddha including the facts related to his personal life, spiritual life, his teachings, and his influences all over the world. We are expecting that you all are going to like all the amazing, mind-blowing, and interesting facts about Buddha.

Even if you don’t know anything about Gautam Buddha, after reading this article, you will know how a prince of Kapilvastu named Siddharth Gautam became Gautam Buddha.

Who is The Gautam Buddha?

Gautam Buddha who enlightened the world through his teachings wasn’t just a God and a founder of Buddhism, he was a teacher, philosopher, meditator, mendicant, and religious leader. Despite being from any religion, almost every people in the world must have heard the name of Gautam Buddha. And all those who have heard about Gautam Buddha probably know who Gautam Buddha was, where he was from, and what he had done, and some facts about his personal life. The journey of Gautam Buddha wasn’t easy and simple from a wealthy prince who had got everything in his life to a man who left behind all his wealth and comfort to pursue the path of truth when he saw the poverty and sickness beyond the walls of his palace. 

Amazing, Fascinating, & Interesting Facts About Buddha That Most People Don’t Know

There are many facts and stories related to Gautam Buddha. Here we are going to tell you about the numbers of the amazing unknown, and fascinating facts about Gautam Budhha that you don’t know. Some of these facts you may already know, but our effort is to provide you the most number of facts about Budhha that most people don’t know.

  • Gautam Buddha was born around 563 BC to 480 BC in Lumbini, Nepal into a royal family in the Shakya Clan.
  • His parents were King Suddodhan and Queen Maya Devi.
  • The birthname of Buddha is Siddhartha Gautam. The interesting part is after a couple of centuries of his death, he came to know the title BUDDHA which means Enlightened One or Awakened One.
  • The name of the wife and son of Buddha is Yasodhara and Rahul respectively.
  • Besides Buddha and Siddhartha Gautam, he has been known by many names and titles. Some of them are Shakyamuni, Tathāgata, Sammasambuddho, Vijja-carana-sampano, Sugato, Lokavidu, Anuttaro Purisa-damma-sarathi, Satthadeva-Manussanam, Bhagavathi, Araham, Jina, etc.
  • The first fact that you should know about Buddha is that he isn’t a God. Buddhist people don’t consider him a god. They considered Gautam Buddha as a teacher and a guardian. That’s why we mostly see the name Gautam Buddha instead of Lord Buddha in books, texts, or anywhere his names are mentioned.
  • Buddha also used to say to himself and his followers that, “I am neither a God nor a Deva, I am a just Human…I am just an awakened one who has seen the truth of the world”. He was just an ordinary man who taught many things about life and death and inspired the world.
  • Budhha is portrayed as Chubby in the East because it is the symbol of happiness.
  • He was able to count all the atoms in his body.
  • The most fascinating fact about Lord Buddha is that he used to teach lessons or anything to the people of all languages in their own languages whoever met him. 
  • Today science has said that everything is made up of atoms and these atoms are repeatedly broken down and again reformed, but Gautam Budhha had told this centuries ago that Nothing in this world is solid. 
  • Buddha was born, got enlightened, and also attained parinibbana on the same day which is the day of the full moon of Baishaki(May). 
  • He had never been harmed by any animal while he used to meditate in the deep forest because of the reasons that the animals used to be attracted to him and used to look at him calmly because of the power of Metta or compassion that Buddha possessed.
  • Buddha is the one who gave us the theory of rebirth.
  • According to him, the ultimate goal of life is Nibbana, which means liberation from the cycle of life and death.
  • Buddha had able to change the mind of a serial killer like Angulimala who had killed 999 people. He even had given place to a city prostitute named Amrapali among his followers. Even a logical philosopher like Upali who had challenged Buddha ended up being the follower of Buddha.
  • He always had a glimpse of a smile on his face that used to fascinate everyone. 
  • He had a very good look with blue eyes, broad shoulders, long ears, mild curly hair, and was full of compassion and mercy. It is also believed that a golden halo would come out of his fair body. 
  • Buddhism is considered the most scientific religion in the world. Buddha has given such a great knowledge of mind and body.
  • After enlightenment, he reunited with his family and guided his father, mother, wife, and son to Nibbana.
  • Budhha was born more than 2500 years ago and his non-violence, metta, friendship, teaching, and meditation techniques are still practiced and are appreciated all over the world. 
  • Buddha isn’t god, he was, he is, and he always will be the same as us, a human who saw the truth of the world that we never have been seen. A man with a beautiful mind. He is not God, nor a god, nor a prophet. He is perfect just as a human being. Lived and died like human beings. There is no promise of heaven in his religion. No threat of hell, No need to pray, No compulsory to follow him, and No mandatory rituals.  

These are some amazing and interesting facts about Buddha that you might not have known before reading this article. Share this with others if you find this article informative. And if you know some more facts about Buddha that we haven’t included here, you can share those facts with us in the comment box.

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