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The most trending name in Nepal from the last 6 or 7 months is Balen Shah. Ever since he announced that he will be standing for the post of Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in December 2021, he has been a topic of discussion among Nepalese. He has been so influential till now that there must be very few Nepalese who haven’t heard about Balen Shah now. So, through this blog post about Balen Shah biography, we are going to tell you many known and unknown things related to him.

From announcing his name in the contest for the Mayor post of Kathmandu to winning the local election of Nepal held on 13 May 2022 by gaining a total of 67,767 votes and becoming the new mayor of KMC, Balen Shah has really come a long way, and have won the heart of many Nepalese, especially the people of Kathmandu through his works as a mayor of Kathmandu metropolitan.

In this blog post, we will be covering topics like who is Balen Shah and will try give you as many as possible information about him that you probably don’t know.

Biography Of Balen Shah

Born on April 27, 1990, Balendra Shah, popularly known by his stage name Balen Shah is a Nepali rapper and structural enginneer. Unlike most of the rappers in Nepal, he writes his own songs, compose music for them, and even directs the musical videos. In sort, he is also a Music Composer, Song Writer, and Director along with being rapper and structural engineer.

More than his professional life, he has been popular in Nepal from last6-7 months because of his contest for the post of Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in Nepal Local Election 2022. His clear vision and the way of adressing problems in Kathmandu along with its solution has made him popular among the people of Kathmandu and Nepal.

Personal Information

Balen Shah
Full NameBalendra Shah
Date Of Birth27 April 1990
Place Of BirthGairigaun of Teenkune, Kathmandu
Age 32 Years
ParentsDr. Ram Narayan Shah
Dhruva Devi Shah
ProfessionRapper, Structural Engineer, Mayor

Family, Early Life & Childhood

Balen Shah was born in the Hindu family in Gairigaun, Teenkune of Kathmandu district as a son of Ram Narayan Shah and Dhruva Devi Shah. His father is a renowed veteran Ayurvedic doctor. His father used to serve Royal family of Nepal. When some members of Royal family became ill, his father used to be called for primary treatment. His father is primarily originated from Janakpur, resided to Kathmandu Valley in Gairigaun, Tinkune after his marriage with Shanti Shah from Patna, India. Most people still thinks he is unmarried. But the fact is he has been married since 2074 B.S. He has married Sabina Kafle of Morang district in 2074 B.S. He has spent his early life and childhood studying in Kathmandu. Currently, he is living with his family in Gairigaun of Teenkune, Kathmandu.


Balen Shah has started his educational journey from Alliance Academy. He spent his school-life studying there. After passing SLC exam, he studied +2 education from V.S Niketan, Kathmandu. And then he graduated from from Himalayan White House Institute Of Technology with a Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering. Later he recived his Master Degree in Structural Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University of Karnataka, India. Structural Engineering is still considerd as one of the toughest educational degree. Because of being a structural engineer, he has also worked as a Hydro Resource Consultant of President Bidya Devi Bhandari.

Musical Career

Balen Shah began his musical or rap career after completing his Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering. He became popular in Nepali Hiphop after winning the second season of a Nepali Rap battle league called Raw Barz. He got into highlight after winning a battle against Litl Grizl with 13 Rebuttals and multi-syllable rhymes in a freestyle. He has been contributing to the Nepalese Hip-Hop community for more than a decade. He has written, composed and sung more than 25 songs and raps till now. Through his songs, he mostly talks about social issues, mental health, political sattire etc. His first ever song was Sadak Balak which was released on his own YouTube channel on December 19, 2012 A.D. Some of his popular songs are Balidan, Gorkhali Toph, Marpha Ko Madira, Savage, etc. You can watch and listen all these songs on his YouTube Channel named Balen.

Engineering Career

Balen is a mutitalented personality. His works and interests have been proving this. More than his musical career, he is known for his profession as Engineer. He has worked as Bridge Engineer in Asian Construction Company Pvt. Ltd, Shelter Engineer in Nepal Help Organization, Technical Advisor in ASF Nepal, Project Manager in Soaltee City, Transportation Engineer in Bajra Guru Constructions, DDA Engineer in Nepal Society of Earthquake Technology, and Deputy General Manager in Padma Group Of Companies.

Balen presenting the design of wildlife crossing at Khata Bardiya

After Nepal Earthquake 2015, in the association of ASF Nepal, he rebuilt more than 2500 houses in different districts of Nepal. In Nagarjuna Municipality, he helped to rebuild more than 175 houses damaged by earthquake in 2015. Currently, he is the Managing Director of his own Balen Consulting And Construction Pvt.Ltd. His engineering skills have been exclusively used in Design, Construction, Supervision of Schools, Hospitals,Hotels, Road & Bridges, Industrial zones & Villages, Tourist destinations etc in all 7 states of Nepal. He is directly and indirectly involved in Development, Infrastructure, Policy making activities all over nation.

Balen Shah As Mayor

On December 2021, through his social media, Balen announced that he will be contesting for the post of Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in the upcoming Nepal Local Election 2022 independently without having association with any political party of Nepal. From the day of this announcement to the day he won the election held on May 13, 2022, his craze and popularity especially among the youths of Nepal has been remarkeable. He is the not first youth in Nepal who want to enter politics for the betterment of people. There are many before and after Balen, but the things that made him popular and increase his craze are his clear vision and the way he addresses every problem of Kathmandu along with his solutions. He impressed everyone with his clear visions and strategies for the betterment of Kathmandu.

Now, the local election of Nepal is completed and the vote for the post of Mayor is still counting. With votes over 50,000 and still counting, Balen Shah is leading with quite a big margin for the post of Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

His Influence As Mayor In Politics Of Nepal

Balen Shah Youth For Change

The biggest impact of Balen Shah contesting in Nepal Local Election for the post of Mayor of Kathmandu has been seen among youths. The craze among youths hasn’t been seen in Nepal for any election before this, not even for any Nepal General Election. In this Local Election 2022, he appeared as a patriotic youth who desires a change that matters in Nepal and influences youths in Nepal through his visions and strategies. Ever since his announcement for the election, he has been getting immense supports from youths, celebrities, sportsmen, journalists, and many intellects of the country.


1. Who is Balen Shah?

Balen Shah is a Nepali rapper, structural engineer, music composer, director, and a mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

2. What is the full name of Balen Shah?

The full name or say the birthname of Balen Shah is Balendra Shah.

3. Which is the political party of Balen Shah?

Balen Shah isn’t involved in any political party. He stood independetly for the post of Mayor of Kathmandu and win the election too and become the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

4. Is Balen Shah married?

Yes, Balen Shah is married. He has been married to Sabina Kafle in 2074 B.S.

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