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Want To Advertise On Factopedia Nepal?

Do you want to advertise your products, services, or business on our website Factopedia Nepal? If yes, then we are happy to say you that we will provide you space to promote your business, product, or service on Factopedia Nepal.

Though today Factopedia Nepal isn’t a big name among Nepalese on the internet, we are continously working to improve our website. We try our best to provide useful and informative contents to our readers.

We write blog posts related to different topics of Nepal. The idea behind starting this website is to provide valueable information about Nepal and things related to Nepal.

Why You Should Choose Factopedia Nepal For Advertisement?

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What We Offers?

If you have now decided to promote your business, products or service on our website, then you must be thinking how you can promote them on our website?

Well, the answer is advertisement placement and sponsered posts. We accept both of these. You can send us your content explaining everything about your products, service, or business. If you want to send us your already written post, then send us that via Guest Post Submission page.

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Below are the price rates for sponsered posts and advertisements.

Banner Ads & Sponsered Posts:

  • Header Ads (970*250 px, Home Page at 2 places)-$40/month
  • Header Ads (728*90 px, Posts & Pages)-$20/month
  • Sidebar Ads(300*250 px, Posts & Pages)-$20/month
  • Full package – Sidebar Ads/Header Ads/Single banner within the content – $50/Month
  • Sponsered Posts(Permanent Placement)-$50 per article

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