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Welcome to the Factopedia Nepal. Factopedia Nepal is a website where we try to research, write, and publish articles and blogs on the different topics that are related to Nepal. We prefer writing on topics like the geography of Nepal, the history of Nepal, its cultural, political, literature, sports, entertainment, education, technology, foods, festivals, and many similar topics that are directly or indirectly related to Nepal.

We have created this website for knowledge and information purpose with the main aim of letting people know about the things that they don’t know. And by writing articles and blogs on different known and unknown topics of Nepal, we are helping people to know about Nepal. We try to give all the possible questions that people have about Nepal through our articles and blogs.

Besides these, our focus is also to tell you about many historical and modern personalities of Nepal through their detailed biography. These personalities can be anyone from any field in Nepal. They can be general people, actors, politicians, players, scientists, professors, doctors, and others.

We are hoping that our contents are providing you some information and knowledge about Nepal.

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